Enrique Iglesias Net Worth

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Enrique Iglesias Net Worth

Enrique Iglesias Net Worth:

Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish singer, actor, songwriter and record producer. He has a large following all over the world and people are crazy for his music they love him very much. He has been termed as the King of Latin Pop by the fans. Although He is a Spanish singer he has also given numerous hits in other languages as well especially English. He started his career with the label “Fonovisa Records”  which is an American Spanish-language record label.

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Born in Madrid, Spain He is the Son of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler.

Julio was a Spanish singer too. Enrique is the third child of Julio and Isabel. His mother Isabel Preysler was a magazine journalist.

In 1979 Enrque parents took divorce so then he lived with his mother and with his two siblings.

In December 1981 Enrique with his brother was sent to live with his father due to security concerns as his Grandfather Dr. Julio Iglesias Puga, was kidnapped by the armed Basque terrorist group ETA. During that time his father was staying with his girlfriend Venezuelan top model Virginia Sipli in Miami.

He along with his brother was raised by nanny Elvira Olivares with whom he connected really well and later dedicated a song to her.

His father due to his busy schedule and his career couldn’t quite dedicate enough time towards him and therefore he and his brother were raised by nanny Elvira Olivares. Enrique attended the prestigious Gulliver Preparatory School and then he later went to the University of Miami to study business.

Enrique when he decided to become a singer he doesn’t want his father to know about it as he doesn’t want to use a famous surname to help him in his career and in achieving success. He wanted to do something on his own he wanted to achieve success by himself without taking help from his father.

If he told his father about it his father would have definitely him and that is what Enrique never wanted to do. He achieved success in doing that as well he managed to achieve his dreams without a lot of help from his father.

To achieve his dream of becoming a singer he borrowed money from his nanny (who really helped him a lot).

With that money, He recorded a demo cassette tape which consisted of a Spanish song and 2 English songs.

After that he Approached his father’s former publicist, Fernán Martínez the duo promoted the songs under the stage name of “Enrique Martínez” with the story of him being a singer from Guatemala.

After that the Record Label Fonovisa Records signed him and he dropped out of the college and went to Toronto to record his very first Album.

He dedicated his first song to his nanny Elvira Olivares as she helped him a lot in his childhood.

Enrique Iglesias Net Worth:

Enrique Iglesias Net Worth 2019: $100 Million

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